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About Us

A completely open platform where you may obtain answers to your questions. We also provide thorough and simple answers to question papers. The website will supply you with previous year's question papers, and we will also assist you in passing the exam by providing you with study materials a few days before the exam.

In the year 2021, I founded ITprashnavali in the hopes of offering a useful resource for students studying for their Computer exams. IT Prashnavali is a portal dedicated to learning. We endeavour to give students with the best educational resources possible.

  • Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for every student to access material.
  • Students should be allowed to study for the most of their time.
  • We seek to build new ways of learning by incorporating technology into the sphere of education.

About us

A truly open platform where you may ask questions and get answers. We also provide comprehensive and easy-to-understand answers to question papers.  discover...

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